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Last 12 months of Android Development

November 8, 2011

I have been actively doing android development from years and following are some of the apps I have developed or worked on in last 12 months. There are few others which are not published.

I am also a Sun Microsystems Certified Mobile Application Developer. I cleared that exam in 2006 and than did some apps using J2ME APIs. Based on my experience in J2ME APIs I had a natural instinct to the Android platform and since I have started working on this platform I enjoy it more and more. It is improving day by day and with the help of new 4.x OS, we will be able to write one app that will run on all type of android devices.

There are many good things in android, and following is my Android favorite list:

  • Well defined architecture
  • Open and Innovative!
  • Support multiple devices and resolutions
  • Well defined APIs
  • Support of multiple layouts
  • Access to phone native controls
  • One API for both phone and tablet
  • Publishing apps is very straightforward!!!

One major thing that i think is still missing in android is the availability of good interface builder that we can use to quickly build the Android interfaces. There are few tools around there but I have not found a good one yet. I hope Android eclipse plugin will be improved in future so that we can use it to quickly create Android user interfaces.

Following are some of the Android APIs and components I have mostly used:

  • Activity, Intent, and Service
  • Linear, Relative, Table, and Tab layouts
  • Label, Text, Image, Grid, Dialog, Menu, List, Spinner, and Notifications
  • Style and Themes
  • SQLite and Preferences
  • Camera and Audio
  • In-App Billing
  • Security and Permissions

Following are the social and third party applications I have integrated in Android apps:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google Maps
  • Flickr
  • Photobucket
  • Picassa
  • Foursquare

Still there are plenty of things to learn and to do in Android platform and following is my near future to do list:

  • Audio/Video Streaming
  • Bluetooth APIs
  • NFC APIs
  • USB APIs
  • Animations
  • Drag and Drop
  • Games Development
  • Custom Components

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  1. Wajid Unar permalink

    That must be a good experience, and I find it quite useful while reading it. Now, get some time and explore iOS, and then create a blog post of how do you find the difference between them 🙂

  2. skhanzada permalink

    Yeah, i have started working on iPhone recently and will do this in future for sure!

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