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Achievements In Breezecom

May 2, 2010

I have completed one and half-year in Breezecom now. Following are some of the highlights of my achievements in this company. I have only mentioned the projects which are live now and have not mentioned projects which i have completed but not able to launch because of company priorities.

  • Successful transition of technology from PHP to Java platform.
  • Designed highly optimized and scalable architecture for the Breezecom Information System (BIS).
  • Designed a normalized database for BIS.
  • Successfully launched new java based version of BIS.
  • Successfully launched new java based CRM application.
  • Successfully deployed a highly scalable VoipSwitch custom client application.
  • Successfully implemented replication in BIS database and achieved 1:1 redundancy.
  • Successfully processed 6.25 million minutes in a day.
  • Successfully completed and deployed hosted solution of BSS/OSS Telecom ERP solution.
  • Successfully completed and launched Freeswitch VOIP server to run 2000 concurrent calls.
  1. Jaffar Ramay permalink

    Keep up the Good Work đŸ™‚

  2. Ameen permalink

    Thumbs up shoaib bhai!

  3. Mehdi permalink

    Great Work!

    Thumbs up..

  4. Sir Conragulation !

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